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JJ was established in 2001, and I'm bringing it back with a whole load of great news on being internationally internet based in Thailand. I have proven it to be successful for 15 years, so it's time I posted how to do it. Subscribe to the email box above to know when the posts are here.
What Thailand really says about digital nomads and tourist visas
Official details of the new Thailand Multiple Entry Tourist Visa
I've had great success as a digital nomad, mostly before even the phrase was ever used. I keep my business in the UK, spend much of my time in Thailand, and travel the world selling my software just about wherever I go. This works for a lot more than just programmers, anyone can do it.

I am being helped and helping others who have now caught onto Chiang Mai as the most efficient global location for being online, and if you subscribe to this blog in the email box above I promise to reveal all later this week.

Just back in Chiang Mai

Ko Samet island, Thailand
Ko Samet island, Thailand

Ko Samet island, Thailand
Ko Samet 2001
Where I am now:  Chiang Mai, Thailand

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March Ban mai (new house)
February Ban mai (new house)
January 2005 Ban mai (new house) and Chimplee Monk

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January 2005: Chimplee Monk
October-February 2005: Ban mai (new house)
September: Hang Dong


August: Penang and Langkawi islands


February: York


February: Chiang Mai 3
January: Chiang Mai 2
January 2004: Chiang Mai 1
December: Doi Tao lake
December: Chiang Rai, condo and San Kamphaeng
December: Doi Tung mountain
December: Chiang Mai Zoo, Doi Inthanon mountain


October: Yorkshire


October: San Patong and Mae Ya waterfall
October: Ko Samet island
September: San Patong and San Kamphaeng


September: Kunming


September: Chiang Mai
August: Chiang Khong, Chiang Saen and Chiang Rai
July: Chiang Rai
June: Chiang Mai
April-May: San Kamphaeng cave and Doi Inthanon
April: Ko Chang island
April-July: Bangkok, Ko Chang island, Chiang Mai


August-April 2003: England

Malaysia, Thailand, Burma, Laos, Singapore, Cambodia

July: Ko Samet island
July: Cambodia 3
July: Cambodia 2
July: Cambodia 1
June-July: Chiang Mai
May: Singapore
April: Songkran water festival
February-April: Chiang Mai, Burma and Laos
January: Burma and Chiang Mai
January 2002: Malaysia and Chiang Mai


December: Cairns
December: Mission Beach
December: Townsville
December: Airlie Beach
November: Brisbane to Rockhampton
November: Sydney and Adelaide, Australia


November: Ko Phi Phi island
October: Uttaradit
October: Chiang Mai 3
October: Chiang Mai 2
October: Chiang Mai 1
October 2001: Journey begins. Bangkok, Thailand


1998-2001: England


December 1998: Australia

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