Gladstone Mews, Kilburn, NW6
I lived in the garage in front of my car second from the left



Sandridge village, with the wood on the hill


My flat was beneath the white floor


Two of the village pubs


Great for cycling, and just over there is where Spielberg filmed 'Saving Private Ryan'


Looking back to the village from the wood


Inside the wood


More of the wood


The desk where I used to work at Imagination Technologies (real programmers use three monitors), and the table that had the first Sega Dreamcast in the UK: Imagination designed the 3D graphics chip


Nearby St Albans


One of the older pubs in St Albans, built 400-500 years ago


St Albans cathedral, it's huge, over 1000 years old (950 AD)
Make sure you have a look inside if you go there


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