Welcome to my travelling diary!

      After six and a half years working in the same place I've decided to take a few months or years away from the UK, travelling, finding some fun female company, and finding somewhere different for my next job, and hopefully finding a way to have all three at the same time.
      Being a public item it's had to be slightly censored, however most of the best will be here. Sometimes a number of weeks will go by without me being able to update it (internet cafes are no good for updating a web site), and sometimes I will have got the hang of how to update it every day so you can see what I'm up to in almost real time, 'big brother' style.
      So put some good music on and see what I've been up to, or at least have a look at the pictures.

Bangkok, Thailand


Monday October 14th 2001

      Just the pictures for now...









































































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