Official details of the new Thailand Multiple Entry Tourist Visa

The exact requirements for British people, on Johnsjourney before anywhere else. I've just been to a UK consulate and been handed this sheet.

This is a live page, bookmark or add email above for the updates. More details below.

Different rules from individual UK consulates and embassy      What about the £5000 cash?

Thailand Multiple Entry Tourist Visa, UK

There's no change to single entry visas, so still the option to travel nearby every 60-90 days to get the next without any new requirements, as an alternative to METV.

There is choice in the requirements here, check before going as subject to change.

London Embassy

This is the only location accepting postal applications, however they aren't yet clearer than the above document, for example how much hotel reservation is needed.


As the sheet above, unclear how much hotel or flight booking needed. Self employed required to show self-assessment, employed a letter from employer confirming employment. +£10 for same day.


two identical professionally printed photographs (45mm high x 35mm wide)
copy of and original passport or UK/Ireland residence card, passport needs 6 months validity
original bank statement showing a balance of at least £5000 for a minimum of 6 months or a printout with official bank's stamp
letter from employer (in the UK and addressed to the Royal Thai Consulate/Embassy) or if self employed the self assessment and company registration document
copy of return ticket home
copy of hotel reservation confirmation in Thailand
Phone on a weekday before 12.30pm to book an appointment, which will also be before that time. No extra charge for same day service.


They list the multiple entry tourist visa and usual £125 price on the form and no extra requirements.


copies of latest 6 months statements showing minimum £5000 continuously, name and address
copy of a return or onward air ticket within 6 months of entering Thailand
copy of a confirmed hotel reservation, or if staying with a friend a copy of their utility bill showing their name and address in Thailand
either letter from employer staying how long employed and they know you're travelling to Thailand for up to 6 months, or copy of latest SA100 self employed tax return


No details given. +£10 for same day.

What about the £5000 cash?

I prefer to invest in something better than cash. The UK visitor visa accepts investment accounts as well as cash, so Thailand may do later. So for now, even though I have more than required, I got a loan.

If you have an income for a few months, own a property, or own a company in profit for a couple of years, and are financially based in the UK, you can get a loan and then sit on the cash for the six months.

Example details: I got mine at 3.8%, but since I also reset it regularly the interest is actually only half this, at 1.9%, because the loan would normally reduce to zero over the 5 years. It's a bit of a bonus of the system rewarding people to reset regularly. Interest rates can also go down with a longer credit history and my bank is offering 3.6% to some people.

This is a fixed rate to pay out over 5 years, while the market expects interest rates received on cash to rise in the future. There are some 1%+ interest rates available already.
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