Mae Sai, Thailand and Tachileik, Burma

Monday January 28th

      Hired a car and drove up to Burma with Eg and his girlfriend (Eg runs the Bangkok Café bar we usually go to). Collected the exit stamp about a mile before the border, and then crossed over into Burma. When the British left Burma they decided to drive on the right side of the road, so as it's on the left in Thailand there's a funny standoff sometimes on the bridge with everyone trying to cross to the other side of the road. There is a very cheap street market the other side in Burma, though it costs US$5 to cross over (you have to do this to qualify for a new Thai visa anyway). When I crossed back I collected my next 1 month visa for Thailand. Theoretically they can ask for a ticket for leaving Thailand before they let you back in, so I have a train ticket from Bangkok to Malaysia I keep changing the date for each time I need a visa.


On the left it's Thailand, on the right Burma


The cheap tourist market just across the border in Tachileik


Going back into Thailand, the bridge where the traffic has to change to the
other side of the road
On the left is a bicycle taxi very common in Thailand


Chiang Mai

Tuesday January 29th

      I kept the car for another day and drove up to the top of Doi Ithanon, the tallest mountain in Thailand, 2600m, with some new English friends, Nick, Matt, Ruth, and Mark. We saw a waterfall halfway up and some cool huge pagodas near the top. After coming back down the mountain I showed them the Maeya waterfall I'd seen last time in Thailand.


Waterfall on the way up the mountain
There was a wild black pig there


Rainbow and wooden bridge


All of the waterfall


The highest monks in Thailand


One of the giant pagodas near the top of the mountain


The other pagoda




Like a lotus flower


Inside the mauve pagoda


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