Chiang Mai, Thailand

Wednesday February 11th

The UPS (uninterruptable power supply, a big battery) I bought a few days ago for the computer has been put to use already today, we had a nice explosion on the condo electricity supply. It might have saved me days of work recovering the computer, an essential piece of equipment in Thailand. The battery on my old notebook computer only lasts 20 minutes these days, so that acts as a good UPS too.

If Mon and I are to move to spend a lot more time in the family village at San Patong I'll have to make some arranngements for working out there on the internet. There is very little chance of getting even a telephone line to the house, so the usual internet is out of the question. There is a cool alternative though. Thailand recently put up their own satellite which you can lease quite cheaply for broadband internet. You can even get the both-ways service for about £1.50 a day for a reasonable amount of use. So we could build that house out in the rice fields and mountains with a satallite dish for full connection to the rest of the world.

Thursday February 12th

I'm missing the Italian job, never mind, if there is something there to do no doubt there will be another chance. Enough things to organise with my existing work in York for now. But there is a 'Mardis Gras' in our street for the next few days, so a little fun for the evenings. Too many ladyboys but some excellent Blues music and food.

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